Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Horizon Tries But it's Just Not As Kind On The Eyes

Being an inhabitant of central-ish London, greenery can seem a somewhat foreign concept. It's so nice to get away from the concrete sometimes, as much as the city dweller in me hates to admit. I often forget that there are green spaces in London. It's actually really nice first thing in the morning to visit a local park or nature reserve, whether it be for a brisk jog (not likely) or for Sunday brunch (that's more like it).

I also need to talk about my brand new Topshop Mom Jeans. Those who have been reading for a long time will know (or will have come to realise through sheer obviousness) that I hate jeans. Or, most jeans. I've got quite a bottom-heavy figure which I don't love, but I've kind of learned to work with. I know that body-con or skater silhouettes which hit about mid-thigh tend to work the best, as do skirts and dresses which highlight my waist. Jeans, however, have never really incorporated themselves into that library. Mom jeans, in particular, I've considered a bit of a no-no, ever since they remerged as a 'thing' last year or so. But after seeing them on so many people I thought I owed it to myself to at least try some on. I decided to buy them on two grounds: 1) They're actually surprisingly flattering (thanks, Topshop high-waisted section) and 2) I've kind of decided to give up caring how wide my hips look. 


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Glittering Crowds and Shimmering Clouds

One of my favourite things to do at this time of year is to just walk around the centre of town with no real purpose whatsoever. These are just some light-leaky photos Elena and I took on our meander around Covent Garden, hope you enjoy xxx

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Fave Cookie Recipe

Because we've broken up from school for two weeks now, I wanted to get back to doing a bit more baking. We all know I'm no Mary Berry (meringues are my n.e.m.e.s.i.s) but I can just about knock up a chocolate cake if it's called for. This recipe is super simple (which is great for me) and the end result was really good. These are my new favourite chocolate cookies, perfect for a chocoholic, Millie's Cookies addict like me. They are super naughty though, so if you're on a diet, you might want to keep clear - but if you're feeling in the mood/thin, this is for you! I can't take the credit for this recipe, mind you. This is actually my adaptation of a recipe I saw on ViviannaDoesMakeup's beauty blog, so go and check that out if you want a peak at her version. :)

You will need (makes 12):
-200g of unsalted butter
-300g caster sugar
-1 large egg
-275g self-raising flower
-75g cocoa powder
-2 big bars of chocolate
-A little bit of milk if needed

First things first: You want to preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius for a fan assisted oven, or 220 degrees for a non-fan assisted oven.  Next up, cream together the butter and the sugar to create a fluffy paste. After you've got a smooth mixture, add in your egg and stir together.

After that's all mixed, it's time to add in all the dry ingredients - flower, cocoa powder and the chocolate broken up into cubes. If you want to save some chocolate for decoration, go ahead - I saved twelve cubes to put on the top of each cookie. The mixture might seem a little bit dry at this point, so if you think it needs it, add in a splash of milk. Also, if you want an extra hit of chocolate goodness, feel free to add in a cheeky spoonful of Nutella. Go crazy aha. 

Once everything is stirred together, scoop the mixture into about 12 little balls and put them on a well greased baking tray. They only need about 10 minutes in the oven for a super-gooey texture, but if you'd like them to be a bit firmer, leave them in for a couple more minutes. When they first come out, they don't feel like they're up to much - but once they've cooled down they solidify a lot. And that's it!

These are seriously the best treats ever - perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea on a cosy autumn evening in. They also went down super well with my mum, and my nan, who's a bit of a baking whizz. Even Moonlight wanted a piece of the action...


Sunday, 12 October 2014

OOTD / Sunday Diary #4

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry I've been gone so long - I've been so, so busy and I'm so glad to be back! ♡

There's nothing I like better than taking a stroll through some of London's beauty spots on a sunny Sunday morning in the autumn. A particular favourite has to be Columbia Road flower market, nestled in the heart of my beloved East End. I can tell you now, the smell is incredible, and unless you're a regular, I can almost guarantee you'll never have seen so many flowers in your life. The whole street is just asking to be photographed - a bit of an instagrammer's dream, really. We came away with several carrier bags full of bulbs (which we have sworn to actually plant... ) as well as a bouquet of multi-coloured blooms which will take pride of place in the living room, providing my cat doesn't knock the vase over (it wouldn't be the first time).

Today's outfit features my two favourite pieces of the moment - this huge faux sheepskin jacket that I actually picked up at a charity shop for a meagre £15, and this very Shoreditch-y floppy hat which was a cheeky vintage boutique jobby. I feel like I'm really late on the bandwagon with the whole floppy hat/fedora fiasco, but better late than never, eh? 


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunday Diary #5

It's been a few weeks since summer ended and honestly I'm not missing it as much as I thought I would be. Mainly because I thoroughly dislike summer clothes, with me its all about the layering and the jumpers and the dark lipstick, bring on autumn! I was messing around with my iPhone, waving the camera around taking pictures here there and everywhere, I may have got a bit carried away with the filters and editing but it was fun and very experimental, which is why these pictures look a tad different from usual. I've only recently realised the true potential of an iPhone camera and I am immensely surprised as to what you can do with a camera, a fancy app and an instagram to upload onto. Anyway here's a little throwback to my trip to Broadway Market in East London. If you're thinking of popping down I recommend Drum & Kernel popcorn as it is hands down the best popcorn I've ever tasted. That's all, I hope you are all having a great weekend!


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pamper Evening Routine

I've recently been feeling bit sorry for myself. My workload at the moment is huge and I've, perhaps unwisely, undertaken so much extracurricular to put on my D of E application that I barely have time to think. That put together with a nasty cold/flu/virus fiasco that has weaselled its way into my life has made thing a little less that merry lately. Which is why I decided to take a little bit of time for myself, to catch up with my thoughts, and just have a little bit of time where I don't have to do anything or be anywhere. Hence, a pamper night - every girl's one stop shop for a bit of a September pep-me-up. I thought it would be a nice idea to share my favourite things to do on a pamper evening such as this. So get your onesie on, pop on a face mask and relaxxxxxx...

1. Indulge in a rigorous skin care regime...
If you're anything like me, skincare is treated with military precision. This is the time to really layer up the treatments to really help look after tired, dull, lacklustre skin. 

2. Don't neglect your body....
In the transition between the seasons, my skin often gets extra dry, so for me it's really key to exfoliate and moisturise as frequently as possible to keep my pins in tip top shape (not as if they'll actually ever be in tip top shape unless I start doing some serious cardio, but we all know that ain't going to happen.)

4. Set the scene...
I find that you can only reap the full benefit of a nice relaxing evening to yourself if your mind is in the right place. If your thoughts are scattered everywhere its really hard to get in the zone. Try to get any major chores/work out of the way before you try and wind down, because the thought of them looming over you will only prove a distraction from what you're really supposed to be doing - relaxing. If its not possible (and sometimes its not), try and put them aside in your mind for a little while. Candles, incense and the like can also help to set the mood.

5. Run yourself a nice, hot bath...
A bath is the best way to unwind for me. Stick on some Netfilx (at a safe distance from the water, obviously) and enjoy. This is so perfect in autumn and winter to get some warmth back into your bones.

6. Select your favourite bath-time treat...
Whatever it may be, some sparkles and/or bubbles can really add to the experience.

7. Select your entertainment...
Be it a magazine, good book, movie, whatever. Just something to keep you occupied while you wait for your pores to supposedly disappear. 

8. Snuggle up with a fresh, clean towel. 
And of course, hop into bed. 

All the best xxx