Monday, 17 February 2014

What We Baked: Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Hi everyone! Long time no see! I've been so, so busy lately. I've kind of had to prioritize my school work over blogging (or anything else fun), but finally, half term has come, and I do have a few dates set aside to for blogging purposes. Today, to sort of ease myself back into the swing of things, I thought I'd do a baking post which I haven't done in forever. As you can see by the title, this is going to be a post on how to make these delicious fudgy brownies. Now, in all honesty, I had never really made brownies before. I also didn't really have a proper recipe I was following whilst I was making them, so they were a bit of a gamble, but they actually turned out really well. They're so rich, decadent, and so yummy. Without further a do, this is how to make them...

You will need: 
~ 185g Unsalted butter
~ 275g Granulated sugar
~ 85g Plain flour
~ 3 large Eggs
~ 185g An assortment of chocolate, use combination of dark/milk to taste. (You can also slightly vary  the quantity, depending on how chocolatey you want them to be, but don't change it too dramatically.)
~ A pinch of Salt
~ A few tbsps of Warm water
~ 0.5 tspn Coffee Granuals
~ A few drops of Vanilla Extract

Before you start, pre-heat the oven to 175 degrees celcius.

1. Start by melting your chocolate in a bowl. You can do this over a saucepan full of boiling water, but I just did mine in the microwave. If you do choose to do this, make sure you take it out every 15 seconds or so to ensure it doesn't burn. With either method, break the chocolate up into squares first, this will speed up the process and help with an even heating.

2. Next, cream together the butter and sugar until completely combined. There is a lot of sugar in this recipe, so it won't form as much of a smooth paste as you may be used to when baking other things.
3. Add in all three eggs to the mixture and stir well.

4. Dissolve the coffee granuals in the warm water. Add this solution to the mixture. This step is optional, so if you really don't like coffee, feel free to skip it. However, I really dislike the taste of coffee myself, but when the brownies are ready you can't taste the coffee at all. I always use coffee when making anything with chocolate in it, because I find it really brings out the flavour of the chocolate.

5. Add in the vanilla extract and stir in until well mixed. The mixture should still be very runny.

6. Next, add in the flour. Stir in well. This should thicken up the batter slightly.
7. Finally, it's time to add in the melted chocolate. Make sure there are no solid lumps, this may mean re-melting if necessary, but usually this isn't a problem. The chocolate needs time to cool to prevent the eggs from scrambling when it's added. Stir this in well.

8. Pour the mixture into two greased and lined baking tins. You can (within reason) use whatever tins you want, as long as they're not too shallow. A good tip for this part is to leave the edges of the grease-proof paper sticking up at the sides, which will make it much easier to remove the mixture from the tines when they're baked, because this mixture is so soft.
9. Bake for 40-50 minutes.

10. When the brownies are finished baking, remove from the oven and slice into small squares.

NOTE: Brownies will be extremely soft and will feel almost unbaked. However, they will harden slightly on cooling, leaving a rich, fudgy texture.

11. Your brownies are finished! Leave them to cool and enjoy! :)
I hoped you enjoyed reading, let us know if you give these a go, tweet us your pictures @SSSTights, or show us on instagram by tagging us @stylesequinsandstripytights. We love you, byeeee xoxox


  1. oooofff all sophisticated with the contact details below, *cue stalk-attack*..FOOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!! brownies being one of my favourite foods ever, this was the best feast for my eyes on a monday morning, thank you! x

    1. Thank you! You have to give them a go, they are SO YUMMY xxx


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