Sunday, 17 August 2014

Paris Photo Diary

My whistle-stop tour of Paris has flown by, and my train leaves for Marseille tomorrow morning. I just love it here - I hope one day (when my French is a little better) to stay here for a bit, uni maybe. We'll see. For now at least, Paris remains one of my favourite places in the world (especially now that I've well and truly mastered the Metro). These are a few pictures of my visit - I managed to fit so much into the course of a few days that I'm completely tired out, and I thought I'd share some of the best places I've visited that I most recommend:

-The obvious: Le Tour Eiffel or The Eiffel Tower for you English speakers. A rarity in that it isn't in the least underwhelming when you see it in the flesh. It really is as beautiful as in the pictures. It is very touristy though, so be prepared - but if you can look past that the views from the top are stunning.

-Another obvious one: The Louvre Museum, home of the infamous Mona Lisa, as well as a hoard of other famous works from history: painting, sculpture and design. The gallery is almost unfathomably huge, so don't arrive with the expectation of seeing everything in a single trip. Also, arrive early to avoid the queues.

-Another gallery, though slightly more obscure; The Orangerie is a beautiful gallery on the edge of the Tuileries gardens. The crisp, modern interior is the perfect backdrop to a multitude of impressionist paintings, including a collection of Monet's Waterlilies.

-If you're looking for an all-Parisian shopping experience, look no further than Galerie Lafayette, Paris' answer to Selfridges in London, or Macy's in NYC. The beautiful stained glass dome and the roof-top terrace are attractions in themselves. 

-A nice place to sit and relax are the Tuileries Gardens which back onto the Louvre. Especially beautiful in summer, the rows of trees and beds of flowers are a lovely escape from the city.

-Lastly, Montmartre is a quirky hill-top district of the city, housing art markets, cafes and the beautiful Sacre Coeur church. Try and stick to the less touristy areas as these get super busy - stick instead to the quieter streets, full of hand-made boutiques and vegetarian restaurants. 

I could literally write a list longer than my arm of all the places worth seeing in Paris. I thought I'd narrow it down to five so save your sanity. Bear in mind that all these places are relatively obvious attractions, but if you're only going for a weekend and you're relatively unfamiliar with the city, these, in my opinion, are the places to go first. I can't get enough of this wonderful city and I love everything about it. I hope you're all doing wonderfully x



  1. Thanks a lot for sharing so many wonderful pictures of this wonderful town <3

    Thanks for following - it´s a pleasure for me that I already followed you back on gfc and bloglovin <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


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